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MSA is a USA competitive swim team in Charlotte NC.

Mecklenburg Swim Association

MSA is a year-round, United States Swimming competitive swim team that serves the greater Charlotte area. We are attracting all sorts of swimmers to join our program. MSA is quickly making waves in the sport throughout the SouthEast region - not only in size but talent.
For us, we keep it simple. It’s all about witnessing children gaining confidence and exceeding their goals one by one. MSA's coaching staff is dedicated to ensure a positive experience is had by all - from participant to parent.

The Four Competitive Strokes

The foundation for every competitive swimmer starts here. An extensive understanding of each stroke, it's technical elements, and unique identity makeup a science that must be learned and practiced by all. At the Mecklenburg Swim Association we strive to ensure each practice is dedicated to understanding that science.





Our Philosophy


The sport of swimming, just as most other sports, takes passion, discipline, and perseverance. MSA participants are driven by the desire to become better swimmers. The right attitude and mindset combined with the right training, your athlete can reach their full potential as a swimmer.

Swim Meets

At MSA your swimmer will have opportunities to compete at the local, state and national level. We want our swimmers to be exposed to all competitive levels and be granted the opportunity to showcase their hard work and ability.


7 days a week, there are varying practices. Each swimmer performs a group placement allowing them to join with peers of similar ability. The MSA coaches provide challenging workouts highlighting all technical elements of competitive swimming.


MSA takes pride in the fact that our swimmers are well-rounded athletes. We want each swimmer to excel as students and experience other extra circular activities, all while enjoying the sport of swimming.


We encourage every swimmer to set personal goals. Whether it is preparing to excel at the national level, making your high school swim team, or preparing for your summer neighborhood team, our coaching staff is here to help your swimmer succeed at the highest level.


It is the right balance and combination of the prior five elements, that will build swimmers for life. We are fortunate to belong to a sport that has no age limits or boundaries. Regardless of the level of skill and competition, we are all bound by the memorable moments centered around the pool.

Swim Team Locations

We have 4 locations that offer our swim team services.
  • 1

    Tom Short Rd

    Located further south of the city, our Tom Short location serves the Ballantyne area and surrounding neighborhoods. Click to see if your neighborhood is near this location.

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  • 2

    Sardis Rd

    Located closest to the cities center, our Sardis location serves centrally located neighborhoods. Click to see if your neighborhood is near this location.

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  • 3

    Moss Creek

    Located north of the city, our Moss Creek location serves the Huntersville/Concord neighborhoods. Click to see if your neighborhood is near this location.

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  • 4

    Indian Trail

    Located on the outskirts of South Charlotte, our Indian Trail location is now open. Click to see if your neighborhood is near this location.

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Interested in our Swim Team?

Lets connect! Our staff is readily available to share more information about our Swim Team Program that caters to all ages, interests, and abilities.