Masters - Adult Training Program

MSA Masters is a program bringing a group of adults 18 and over together for organized swimming workouts.

MSA Masters group welcomes all adult swimmers of all abilities. Whether a beginner, triathlete, fitness fanatic, or former age group swimmer we will welcome you with open arms.


Our members value swimming as a part of a healthy lifestyle first and foremost. Swimming provides an excellent full body, cardio, and strength and conditioning workout.


By combining friendship and fitness, the MSA Masters group is full of fun. The camaraderie of this group is something special. You will share many laughs while swimming laps.

What are the workouts like?

Athletes will be taught how to train on intervals appropriate for each level. Swimmers of like ability train together anywhere two to five swimmers in a lane. Each workout has a warm-up, a learning section, a heart-rate section, a main set and a cool down.

A single-minded focus on getting results.

The idea is for every athlete to leave the workout knowing he/she is swimming better which will lead to increased fitness and speed. For our most novice swimmers, the workouts are adjusted to fit the needs of relatively new swimmers.

What do I need to do to see if I am ready to swim MSA Masters?

Potential new members are welcome to come and try a couple weeks of workouts to see if we are a good fit!!!! Trying our workouts costs you nothing but your time. Don’t let the name Masters intimidate you….come swim with us today!!!!!

Come swim with us today!

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    Find all the information you need on our team unify website.

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    Tom Short Rd

    Want more info? Get in touch! Contact Head Masters Coach Patty Waldron or call 704-622-4989 for the Tom Short location.

    Indian Trail

    We are looking for a Masters Coach in this area! Want more info? Get in touch!

    Client reviews

    We are very proud of the dedication shown by our participants. Read our testimonials below from our happy Masters members.
    Carol Hood

    This will be my 4th year swimming with the Masters Program at MSA. I absolutely love Patty and what all she has done to help me improve my swim. She has brought our team together and we are like one big happy family! She even got me to be in my 1st swim meet ever! She cares about all of us. It doesn't matter if we are beginners or Pros she takes the time to help us all.
    Ann Moore

    I am in my 60's and had never been coached in anything. But I have always loved swimming. My joints didn't like running but I needed some exercise. So I decided to give the MSA masters program at Sardis a try. And, it is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. Coach Ned is very encouraging and great with instruction. We swim early in the morning M/W/F and each work out is different so there is no room for boredom! I had tried just swimming laps before and couldn't sustain it. But being part of this masters swim program keeps me going. Ned makes it fun and the other swimmers encourage one another. I feel like I have a whole collection of new friends. No one cares what you look like here or how fast or in shape you are. Ned celebrates that you have shown up and makes me want to come back every day. This is a great program for swimmers of all abilities and for all ages. Please come join us!
    Hope Dragelin

    I enjoy swimming with the Masters program because everyone is so energetic and willing to be there. There are appropriate options for swimmers of all levels, and the coaches as well as the swimmers are welcoming and encouraging. They make me want to be a better athlete and a better person.

    Interested in our Masters Program?

    Lets connect! Our staff members are readily available to share more information about our Masters Program that caters to all ages, interest, and abilities.